1.  The organising committee of the World-wide Study of the Physics and
  Detectors for Future Linear e+e- Colliders shall consist of up to 6 
  members from each regional study, with 3 co-chairs, one from each
  region.  The six regional members are appointed directly from each region.
              -adopted by the meeting of the organising committee meeting 
               at LCWS Jeju 28 August 2002   

  2.  When a co-chair stands down, or when the world-wide organising 
  committee members from her/his regional study request a change, those 
  regional members will agree upon one of their number to be nominated as 
  co-chair to the whole worldwide committee.  The worldwide committee 
  would normally accept the nomination, but could in principle invite an 
            -this procedure used to appoint a new North American co-chair
             with email approval from the worldwide organising committee 
             Jan/Feb 2003