Giant of the Solar System

April 26, 2011 jeb


General Properties of Jupiter

History of Observations from Earth

Space Probes to Jupiter

Jupiter's Atmosphere

Jupiter's Internal Structure

Jupiter's Magnetosphere

Moons of Jupiter

Galilean Moons

Jupiter's Ring:

Jupiter as a "failed star"

Jupiter's Basic Properties

Planet order from Sun
Orbital period
Semi-major axis
Surface Gravity
Escape speed
Rotational Period
Axial tilt (Inclination)
Surface Magnetic Field
Surface Temperature
Number of Moons

11.9 years
5.2 AU
318 x Earth (0.1% of S.S.)
11.2 x Earth
1300 kg/m3
2.53 x Earth
59.5 km/s
0.41 days
14 x Earth
125 K
63 (16 major)

Golden Globe Awards for Jupiter

  • Largest planet (radius and mass)

  • Fastest rotation in Solar System

  • Largest planetary magnetic field

  • Largest and most persistent storm in solar system (Giant Red Spot)

  • Largest moon in solar system (Ganymede)

  • Most geologically active object in solar system (Io)

  • Largest satellite system in the Solar System

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