The Milky Way Galaxy
A Spiral in Space

April 5, 2017, jeb


Messier Objects

Structure of the Milky Way

Types of Stars

Population I Stars

Population II Stars

Galactic Bulge

Galactic Disk

Galactic Halo

Star Clusters

  1. Galactic (or Open) Clusters
    Hyades cluster
    • Population I stars
    • young
      (like Pleiades)

  2. Globular Clusters
    • Population II stars
    • about 10 - 12 billion years old

Milky Way Facts

Measuring the Milky Way

Orbital motion of the stars in the Milky Way

Tracing the Milky Way's history

Very important clue on evolution of galaxy:

Milky Way has formed as it is through Evolution

Is the Milky Way a Spiral Galaxy?

A Puzzle of the Arms

Theories of Arm Formation

The Mass of the Milky Way Galaxy

Center of the Milky Way

Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way?