The Arecibo Message Explained

  1. The first set of symbols (colored Red) represent the numbers from 1 to 10 reading from right to left.

  2. The cluster in the center (colored Blue) codes the atomic numbers for certain elements.

  3. These (colored Green) patterns represent formulas for sugars and bases in nucleotides of DNA.

  4. The (colored Blue) vertical bar in the
    center specifies the number of nucleotides in DNA.

  5. The double helix of DNA is represented by the (colored Red) curving lines that go from the (sugars/bases) formulas to the human figure.

  6. The next set of symbols (colored Brown) represent the human population (on the left) on Earth, a figure of a human (in the center) and (on the right) the height of a human.

  7. Our Solar System (colored Red) is displayed next. The dot representing Earth is displaced toward the human being.

  8. The Arecibo telescope dish (colored Blue) is transmitting the message (colored Green) near the bottom of the picture. The last set of symbols (colored Blue) give the diameter of the Arecibo Radio Telescope.

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