ILC Simulation Resources for Snowmass 2021

This page gives links to the various resources that the ILC physics and simulation working groups are making available for projects on e+e- collider physics for the US community study Snowmass 2021. This page is being actively updated and documentation is being improved, so please check regularly for additional resources and documentation.

If you have additional questions, either post to the #ilc-snowmass channel on the snowmass2021 slack workspace, or send an email to


A number of hands-on tutorials were developed for the benefit of Snowmass participants who wish to study ILC-related physics questions. The various tools and samples listed below were introduced, using simple step-by-step examples.
If you are new to ILC physics analysis, this is the place to start learning.
Recordings of the tutorials and the materials used can be found at the following links.


Whizard: polarization-aware event generator

Whizard is the most complete generator for ILC conditions, as it takes both beam polarisation and beam-spectrum in account, and can handle up to 2→8 processes. It is not restricted to electrons as initial particles, so also photon-induced processes are generated.

We will provide substantial samples of all standard model processes with up to 6 fermions in the final state, generated with Whizard.

If you need to generate BSM samples, we highly recommend to use Whizard for that, as well. It can be done in a very general way using Whizard's UFO interface.

SGV: an ILC fast detector simulation tool

miniDST data format

Monte Carlo event samples

MC event samples at the various ILC energy stages