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Tenth Month, Asakusa from the series Twelve Months at Famous Places in Tokyo

Shōsai Ikkei (fl. c. 1870s)

Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Tenth Month, Asakusa

from the series Twelve Months at

Famous Places in Tokyo

by Shōsai Ikkei, 1872

No. 2 Not Aware Man and Aware Man from the series A Didactic Mirror of Good and Evil

IHL Cat. #1727

About This Print

In this print we see what appear to be vendors selling sake, fish and other delectables on Azuma bridge, while a strange looking gentlemen in a red coat performs. In the background we see 浅草 Asakusa - the Buddhist temple Sensō-ji and the five-story pagoda Asakusa Shinto shrineThe yellow title cartouche of this print remains largely unread, except for the first two characters 十月, 10th month, and the characters 浅草, Asakusa.

Each print in this twelve print series is a comic riff on famous places or sites in Tokyo. Twelve Months at Famous Places in Tokyo was created during the same year that the artist created his more famous comic series Thirty-Six Famous Views of Tokyo: A Comic Selection. In discussing this larger comic series of prints, a parody of Hiroshige's famous 1856/1859 series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo, Johnathan Solomon notes that Shōsai "found comic expression a suitable response to the chaos and uncertainty" of the early Meiji Era.1 

1 "Bridging Edo and Meiji, Shōsai Ikkei's Comic Views of Early Tokyo" appearing in Impressions: The Journal of the Ukiyo-e Society of American, Inc., Number 21, 1999, p. 45.

Print Details

 IHL Catalog
 Title or Description Tenth Month, Asakusa 十月 浅草 [the remainder of the title cartouche is unread]
 Series Twelve Months at Famous Places in Tokyo
  東京名所十二ヶ月 Tōkyō meisho jūni kagetsu
 Artist Shōsai Ikkei (fl. 1860-late 1870s)
Shōsai Ikkei giga 昇斎一景戯画 
 Seal no artist's seal
 Publication Date
October 1872 
date seal 壬申十 Water Monkey (Jinshin, mizunoe saru) 10
Kagaya Kichibei 加賀屋吉兵衛 [The area to the right of the signature block where the publishing information would normally appear is blank (white) on this print, but the National Diet Library and other sources attribute the series to Kagaya Kichibei] [Marks: pub. ref. 194]
 Impression good
 Colors excellent
 Condition fair - soiling throughout; light toning throughout; backed with light paper; paper loss top right margin; rubbing
 Genre ukiyo-e; meisho-e; giga
 Format ōban 
 H x W Paper 
 14 x 9 in. (35.6 x 22.9 cm)
 H x W Image
 13 3/16 x 8 11/16 in. (33.5 x 22.1 cm)
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