University of Oregon

I am a Graduate Teaching Fellow and PhD Candidate in the Mathematics Department at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon.

My duties as a GTF include teaching a course each quarter. Additionally, I have the opportunity to teach a course over the summer. More information about my teaching can be found on the teaching section.

I'm also quite involved with our student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics.

University of California, San Diego

I previously attended the University of California, San Diego where I graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics in 2012 and earned department honors. My honors thesis advisor was Lance Small. Here is a picture of us after my Honors Thesis Presentation (it was also my birthday!).

While at UCSD, I was very involved with the Math Club. During our senior year, the Math Club Executive Board were some of my closest friends. We held a Math Club Variety Show (inspired by some events at the JMM 2012 in Boston) that was quite a success; here is a picture of us with our advisor afterward. Here is another picture of us (before graduation day, but we're missing one!) in front of the building that houses the Math Department at UCSD. In 2012 while at the JMM, a few of us explored Harvard.

Princeton University

In the summer of 2011, I spent a few weeks at Princeton attending a program in Analysis and Geometry. More information about the program can be found here. While there I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. John Nash. I also met and learned from Dr. Elias Stein. Here is a picture of the whole group. Some of us were able to meet up at the 2012 JMM in Boston.