Topology Qual

The qual will take place on Wednesday, September 24th at 9:00am.

Qual Stuy Plan

Set Meetings (all at 5pm in the Fenton lounge):

  • Thurs. July 3rd; Topic: Homology
  • Thurs. July 10th; Topics: Homotopy
  • Thurs. July 17th; Topics: Covering Spaces

On the following dates, we'll meet at 2pm in the Fenton lounge. Here is our schedule:

Date Qual/Problems to cover
Tuesday, 7/22 Hatcher 3.1: 2, 7; 3.2: 3, 7, 18
Thursday, 7/24 Hatcher 3.3: 2, 5, 16, 21, 25
Tuesday, 7/29 Wisconsin-Madison Jan. 2014 and Jan. 2012
Thursday, 7/31 Utah Fall 2008 and Fall 2010 (only Part B of each)
Tuesday, 8/5 Oklahoma State August 2013 and August 2007
Thursday, 8/7 Northwestern Fall 2009 and Urbana-Champaign May 2014
Tuesday, 8/12 Qual Review Sheet, problems 1-8
Thursday, 8/14 Qual Review Sheet, problems 9-16
Tuesday, 8/19 Spring Quarter Final (except Problem 5)
Thursday, 8/21 Problem 5 from Spring Quarter Final; Spring Quarter Midterm

(Note added 10/5/14: For the rest of summer, we met twice each week to take timed practice quals in Deady 208 from 9am - 12 noon, just like the real qual. These practices included exams from our 600 Topology class, old Dugger quals, and even a practice qual written by Dan Raies which was a compilation of old qual questions (from professors other than Dugger and from other schools). If you'd like these resources, just send me an email and I'd be happy to pass them along.)

Practice Quals

You should avoid looking at the following quals, so we can use them for timed practice at the end of August/early September. You can find all of these quals by following links to school websites listed on the Math Stack Exchange page (linked below).

  • Univ. Wisconsin-Madison: January 2014, Jan/Aug 2012, Jan 2010, Jan/Aug 2009
  • Univ. Utah: Fall 2008, F09, F10, F12 (Part B of each; Part A looks to be Geometry)
  • Oklahoma State: Jan 2014, Aug 2013, Jan 2012, Aug 2007
  • Northwestern: Fall 2009 (only the "Algebraic Topology" ones look useful)
  • Northeastern: January 2010, September 2010
  • Univ. North Carolina (Chapel Hill): January 2012
  • Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln: May 2013, January 2012, June 2009 (mostly Section B)
  • Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: May 2014, May 2012, January 2011, August 2010
  • Columbia University: Spring 1997
  • Univ. Alabama: 2013, 2010 (only the "Algebraic Topology" section)

In general, the quals for the schools above that I did not list are probably good ones to take a look at for practice problems as well.


Dan Dugger's Qual Review Sheet
Math Stack Exchange thread with links to some university's quals (my guess is that I'll be pulling from some of these schools for practice quals; I also haven't looked to see which have topology but I put it here in case you wanted to see it anyway)
Department Qual Page Dugger wrote the Fall 2010 (i.e. gtF10.pdf), Winter 2011, Fall 2006 and Winter 2007 quals. The latest few quals haven't been uploaded but they're available in the Math front office (or you can email me for them).