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“The Sovietization of America”
by Linda Kimball
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Many Americans are puzzled and alarmed by the drastic changes taking place in America. Two recurring questions I hear are, "What is going on?' and, 'Why does it feel as though our world is turning upside-down?" The short answer is this: Our nation is in a state of purposely induced tumultuous transition. America is straddling two fundamentally opposed worldviews. One of them is her founding worldview based in Christian-Judao [sic!] moral ethics and principles wherein our Creator is sovereign and human life sacred since man is created in the image of his Maker.

The other is godless humanism/communism where the superior 'chosen' are the arbitrary makers of all rules and possessors of all wealth and power. In this worldview the 'chosen' have reserved the stature of 'human being' for themselves while simultaneously reducing everyone else to worthless chance-met protoplasm. So essentially, what is deemed to be truth in one worldview is a lie in the other one. In one, human life has intrinsic value and is endowed with a natural right to life and liberty. In the other, human protoplasm has no more worth than dung beetle protoplasm and is therefore not deemed worthy of liberty, let alone life.

The slow transformation of America from her Christian-Judeo culture of life and individual freedom to godless atheism, culture of death, and collectivized, mind-conditioned, protoplasmic gender-free beings began many years ago. Back in the early 1920's, John Dewey [ID#1] [ID#2], 'father of progressive education' but in actual fact a humanist and co-author of Humanist Manifesto I, declared: "There is no God soul. With dogma and creed excluded...immutable truth is...dead and buried. There is no room for fixed, natural law or moral absolutes."

"Dick, Jane, and Sally" were not so innocent after all. That book series was just the beginning of the humanist "progressive education" agenda to dumb Americans down. Prior to "Dick, Jane, And Sally" kids learned to read from 'Aesop's Fables', 'Grimm's Fairy Tales' and such. And before that, they used McGuffeys Readers and the Bible.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute [ID] reported that by 1840 the Northern states had a literacy rate of 90% while the Southern states had one of 81%. But by the 1960's, Dewey's humanistic education methods had finally begun bearing rotten fruit. On Aug. 15, 1976, the Los Angeles Times reported, "After edging upward for...more than a century, the reading, writing, and mathematical skills of American students from elementary ...through college are in a prolonged and broad scale decline unequaled in history. The downward spiral...began abruptly in the mid 60's and shows no signs of bottoming out."

The National Adult Literacy Survey of 1993 reported that among adults surveyed, 96% could not read or write well enough to go to college and 25% were simply unable to read at all.

With a shared vision of a godless, socialist society ruled by an elitist class, it wasn't long before humanists and communists embraced each others agendas. In 1932, William Z. Foster [ID], head of the Communist Party USA stated, "Class ideologies...will give place to scientific materialist philosophy......the American Soviet government will...further the cultural revolution (by doing) the following: schools, colleges, universities will be coordinated...under the Nat'l Dept. of Education...studies will be revolutionized...cleansed of religious, patriotic ...ideology...students will be taught...Marx's dialectical materialism (man is a brute animal)...internationalism (multiculturalism); general ethics of the new socialist society (moral relativism; hatred of God). Science will become materialistic...God will be banished from laboratories as well as from schools."

By 1951, humanism had so completely infiltrated and spread its mind-numbing incoherency that William F. Buckley in his, "God and Man at Yale," observed that, "The teachings of John Dewey and his predecessors have borne fruit...there is surely not a department at Yale that is not uncontaminated with the absolute that there are no absolutes, no intrinsic rights, no ultimate truths."

"The only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in religion. Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty"
---Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence

By the 1960's, communists/humanists finally had co-conspirators in place within America's court system. Thus began a series of brazenly corrupt USSC rulings which laid the groundwork for purging America of her Christian-Judao [sic!] worldview. Without a single precedent cited, the 1962 USSC case, 'Engel v Vitale,' saw the Court declaring as unconstitutional a strictly voluntary, nondenominational school prayer composed by the NY Board of Regents. On June 17, 1963, the USSC, in the 'School District of Abington Township v Schempp," and in 'Murray v Curlett," a Baltimore suit instigated by atheist Madelyn Murray O'Hair, "the justices ruled it was unconstitutional for a state to have portions of the Bible recited in schools, having determined that this was an establishment of religion." Keep in mind that Bibles were the primary readers used by the colonists and by our Founders and were used in American schools a mere 30-40 years prior to this ruling. Justice Potter Stewart, the lone dissenting vote, said that the ruling had not led to neutrality with respect to religion but rather to the "establishment of a religion of secularism." Two days after the 'establishment of secularism,' the Wall Street Journal, "commented that atheism was now the one belief to which the state's power will extend its protection."

"By renouncing the Bible, philosophers swing from their moorings upon all moral subjects...It is the only correct map of the human heart that ever has been published."
~~~Benjamin Rush

With the establishment of atheism in the cat-bird seat, the next items to be struck down were the Ten Commandments--the foundation of liberty, of our Rule of Law, and the firmament upon which our Constitutional Republic was founded. This event occurred in the 1980 USSC case, "Stone v Graham."

Our Founders wrote that if obedience to God were removed from America, a wave of crime would be unleashed which would eventually bankrupt the nation's treasuries in their frantic efforts at containing it [ID?].

More than just crime has been unleashed. America is reeling under the combined destructive forces of the disuniting effects of multiculturalism, the near collapse of traditional marriage, sexual debauchery, sex crimes, perversion, plagues of STDs costing billions of dollars every year, broken homes, violent gangs, lawless jurists, legislators, and mayors; kids killing and raping other kids, adults rutting upon children, children being locked in closets and cages and starved and beaten, the elderly and disabled cold-bloodedly euthanized, and the killing of the unborn, which continues unabated.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."
~~~Benjamin Franklin

America is quickly degenerating into a tribalized land of lawlessness and casually practiced barbarism where once she was a unified, law-abiding nation of families, children, safe neighborhoods, great civility and humanity.

The architects of this primal chaos knew these things would happen before they ever began to apply their satanic social change-making schemes to America. How did they know? The Soviet Union and its people provided them with their first "laboratory." Remember that these odious tricksters are the ideological seed of madmen like Lenin, Marx, and Nietzsche, and in their morally insane minds, they believe they are applying science-based revolutionary theories to America in a cause of the highest humanitarian considerations. Sheer madness and self-delusion is more like it. These morally stunted 'pseudo-scientists' view human beings as if they are nothing but dumb animals upon which they can test their malevolent theories.

The consequences of Lenin's 'scientific theories' upon Russia and her people were absolutely catastrophic. Over 60 million people exterminated, economic destruction of the first magnitude, cultural collapse, a fertility free-fall from which Russia still suffers, and much more.

Mikhail Gorbachev, reflecting on 70 years of Russian decay, cultural collapse, and social turmoil observed; "We have discovered that many of our children and young people's behavior, in our morals, culture, and production...are partially caused by the weakening of family ties."

Edmund Burke observed that mankind's attempt at building secularized states was irrational. He said, "We know...that man is by his constitution a religious animal; that atheism is against not only our reason, but our instincts and that it cannot prevail long."

Atheism puts them on the 'looking glass' side of reason and instinct. Hence it makes a bizarre kind of sense that these foolish ones, in not believing that evil exists, are thus ignorant of its presence within themselves. As a result, they who are blinded by their own self-adulation become the 'useful fools' of and the conduits for the malevolent forces they profess not to believe in, which is why atheists have exterminated in excess of 100,000,000 human beings.

Copyright Linda Kimball 2005

About the writer: Linda Kimball is a writer and author of numerous articles and essays on culture, politics, and worldview.


<>2008je25:MSMBC |
“Smile! More and more, you’re on camera: Public surveillance video mushrooms despite lack of evidence it works”
Alex Johnson, MSNBC Reporter

Excerpt =

The trend [toward full surveillance of the public sphere] shows no sign of slowing. Officials in many cities are eager to take advantage of money from state and federal security agencies to install the cameras on street corners and intersections, and in cities that already have dozens of cameras, officials are seeking real-time access to thousands more in schools, transit facilities and private businesses:
• In Washington, Mayor Adrian Fenty consolidated monitoring of more than 4,800 video cameras in his emergency management office this spring, including more than 3,500 in public schools and more than 700 inside public housing hallways.
• In Chicago, whose network of nearly 700 neighborhood cameras is widely considered to be the most sophisticated in the nation, police in March took over monitoring more than 4,500 units in the public schools. They added hundreds of transit cameras on the city’s buses last year.
• Rochester, N.Y., police announced a program last week to install 50 more cameras across the city, paid for with state money.
• Seattle officials approved a plan this month to expand the use of cameras in the city’s parks, at a cost of $400,000.
• In Kansas City, Mo., police expanded their camera surveillance beyond the downtown entertainment district last month, adding cameras along a corridor that has been plagued in recent years by gangs, violent crime and drug deals.
• And in Austin, Texas, the police chief has called for round-the-clock camera surveillance across the city before the end of the year.

J.P. Freeman said the domestic market for such systems last year had doubled over five years, to $9.2 billion, and estimated that it would more than double again by 2010, to more than $21 billion.