Exercises 7 and 8 are not deep research topics. You will not write an independent term paper or draft essay about either. In these assignments you are given the opportunity to become something of a fledgling specialist on two focused topics.


Notes in your journal, taken from readings on the topics of your choice under assignments 7 & 8, will suffice. Just give these two assignments some particular attention as your weekly readings progress.

Make sure your table of contents clearly guides you and your reader to these and other sections of your journal.

You might be asked on the final exam to summarize the most interesting things you learned while completing assignments seven and eight.

You are welcome of course to follow your own instincts and interests as you work on these two exercises through the term. Just be practical. Budget your time.  Consult reference works and develop the habit of using indexes, looking for information on your selected topics.

Assignments 7, 8 and 9 ask you to avoid duplication, so you would be wise to think a while about all three assignments before you make any final decisions about them.

As you make your choices in assignments 7, 8 and 9, run a few FIND [CONTROL+F] searches through SAC with appropriate morphemes. Here are some examples of what I mean by "morphemes"= "German" is a morpheme or lexical component of several words.

CONTROL+F/German/ to catch "German", "Germans", "Germanic" and "Germany"

F/Chin/ to catch "China" and "Chinese"

F/Russi/ and F/Japan/ to get all standard English variations

F/Turk/ to catch "Turk", "Turks", "Turkish" and "Turkey"

F/Engl/ to get "England" & "English"

F/France/ & F/French/, F/Span/ & F/Spain/ to make searches for these nations more comprehensive.


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