The Central Idea: There is very little art on the UO campus that references the activities of scholars. In replicating the solarium Augusti, we draw attention to the creative work of astronomers and physicists, to architects. historians and literary scholars, to classicists and archaeologists.

The Historical and Archaeological Model of the Augustan Solarium / horologium

The Science of the solarium /horologium behind the Oregon model. The basic problem is how to coordinate clock time with solar time. The earth moves at a varying velocity around the sun, and at different inclinations. Moreover, Eugene is some 12 minutes west of the meridian for our time zone, which means that solar noon comes on the average 12 minutes later than "clock" noon. How then to draw the face of the sundial so that the discrepancies between solar and clock time can be accommodated?

Developing the project / model in McKenzie Plaza

A project plan and search for a permanent location. How would the obelisk / sundial look on...

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Project "Home"; discussion of the project during the winter term, 2005