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My latest book, How We Became Our Data, was
pubished by University of Chicago Press in 2019

[Short Articles Previewing How We Became Our Data]

[read my short piece in The New York Times on infopolitics, 01.26.14]
[read my piece on democracy and data in The New York Times, 03.22.18]

[Upcoming/Recent Events on How We Became Our Data & Information Politics]

[session at critical genealogies workshop on birth certificates, 09.16.17]
[panel talk at oregon state university on infopower, 10.11.17]
[panel talk at columbia university on infopower, 10.27.17]
[invited talk at the evergreen state college on infopower, 01.24.18 (video)]
[invited talk at emory university's oxford college on infopower, 02.19.18]
[invited talk at uc san diego on algorithms and formats, 03.08.19]
[talk on the main program of the apa pacific on informational subjects, 04.19.19]
[public talk at nevada humanities salon (reno) on how we became our data, 09.20.19]
[invited keynote at barry university (miami) on how we became our data, 10.24.19]
[research talk (internal only) at data & society (nyc) on how we became our data, 11.22.19]
[book panel at institute for public knowledge at nyu on how we became our data, 11.25.19]
[book launch at wayne morse center at uo on how we became our data, 02.27.20]
[invited talk at international philosophy olympiad on data politics, 05.30.20]
[invited workshop at data theory lab at nyu on algorithms & formats, 10.23.20]
[invited talk at eastern michigan university on algorithms & formats, 11.18.20]
[invited talk at new school for social research on algorithms & formats, 11.19.20]


photo by xavier gomez