Summer Institute in American Philosophy

At the University of Oregon
July 11-16, 2011

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Summer Institute Reading Lists for Seminar Sessions

The institute has long been organized primarily around our Seminar sessions. These sessions are plenary sessions in which all attendeeds participate. So as to facilitate discussion, seminar leaders have asked that attendeeds prepare in advance for the sessions by reviewing the following readings. All readings are of course optional but strongly encouraged.

Pragmatist Social Science

Readings for Paul Taylor's session ("Du Bois and social theory"):

Readings for Jerry Rosiek's session ("A pragmatic imaginary in social science and the crisis of representation"):

Readings for Paul Roth's session ("Ian Hacking and historiography: pastmaking, history, and naturalism"):

Readings for Alison Wylie's session ("Pragmatic pluralism: does collaborative archaeology undermine ideals of objectivity?"):

Re(Reading) Cornel West

Session I (Tuesday afternoon) will focus on selections from Prophesy Deliverance (1982/2002), The American Evasion of Philosophy (1989), The Ethical Dimensions of Marxist Thought (1991), and Race Matters (1994). Session II (Wednesday afternoon) will focus on selections from The Future of American Progressivism (1998), The Cornel West Reader (2000), Democracy Matters (2005), and West's contribution to the just-published volume The Power of Religion in the Public Sphere (2011).

Naturalized Ethics

Pre-Institute Readings