Summer Institute Reading Lists

SIAP at the University of Oregon
July 8-13, 2013

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Summer Institute Reading Lists for Seminar Sessions

The institute is organized primarily around our Seminar sessions. These panel sessions are plenary so that all attendeeds can participate together as a group. So as to facilitate discussion, seminar leaders have asked that attendees prepare in advance by reviewing the following readings. All participants are strongly encouraged to (re)familiarize themselves with the readings below.

Suggested Readings for Richard Shusterman's Keynotes

The keynote talks will develop themes across Shusterman's work in somaesthetics and pragmatism, represented in his two most recent titles:

Participants may also be interested in these titles:

William James Sessions Recommended Readings

James and Feminism:

James and Energy:

Recommended Readings for American Indian Philosophy Sessions

Recommended Readings for Philosophy and Music Events

For Doug Anderson's talk: For Fred Maus's talk: For Lucky Dragons' performance: