Contact information

Office:477 Willamette Hall
Office phone:(541) 346-4853
Address: Department of Physics
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1274


I am a Professor of Physics in the Department of Physics and Director of the Institute for Fundamental Science at the University of Oregon.

In 2013, I was a Member in the School of Natural Sciences at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ while on sabbatical.
In 2010-11, I was the Ben Lee Fellow within the Theoretical Physics Group at Fermilab, outside Chicago.

My research is in the general area of "Physics Beyond the Standard Model", including supersymmetry, dark matter, extra dimensions, deconstruction, grand unification, little Higgs, black holes, etc. A list of research publications is available from the Inspire database and preprint archive.

In 2015, I became a Fellow of the American Physical Society, whose primary objective is to disseminate physics into the professional community through their journals, and also to the public through outreach programs. The DPF produced a wonderful non-specialist description of the particle physicists' journey to ever smaller distance scales in their publication Quarks Unbound.

I have organized numerous conferences and workshops worldwide at the Aspen Center for Physics, the Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics, the Institute for Nuclear Theory to name a few.