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Professor of Spanish
and Latin American literature

Professor Leonardo García-Pabón has been on the faculty of the University of Oregon since 1990. He was Director of Latin American Studies from 1999 to 2003.

His teaching and research interests are primarily in the areas of Andean and Bolivian literatures. He conducts research on how collective subjects (national subjects, mestizo identities, criollos subjectivity) are represented and constructed in literary texts. He studies texts and cultures ranging from the the colonial period to the twentieth century.

García-Pabón has published the book La patria íntima. Alegorías nacionales en la literatura y el cine de Bolivia (1999), and De Incas, chaskañawis, yanakunas y chullas. Estudios sobre la novela mestiza en los Andes. (2007) . He has articles in La revista Iberoamericana, La Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana and Hispanic Issues, among other journals. He directs the collection Letras Fundacionales (Plural Editores, La Paz); a series dedicated to the recovery of classical Bolivian literature. He is also a poet, with works published in Bolivia, Colombia, and Spain.

Academic Degrees

Research Projects

Poesías Sagradas de Luis de Ribera. Edition and study of the religious poetry of one of the most important (and forgoteten) poet of the Spanish Golden Age. His book, Poesías Sagradas (Sacred Poems) is considered to be the best religious poetry of the seventteenth century. His poetry is compared to Lope de Vega's, Quevedo's, Góngora's, or Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

Guilt, ethics, and nineteenth century Bolivian short story. Study of the short stories published in Bolivia durign the first deacdes of national life. This study aims to explain the feeling of guilt and moral impssibility of the dominant class of constructing a society free of the colonial paradigm.