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  1. Altas maps and modules / Table of Contents
    1. First Edition--map list
      1. US
      2. Europe
    2. Second Editon--about and links to USHistoryPlace
    3. Third Edition --about and links. Program and Completed Modules
      1. EU01: Romanization --UOjn
      2. EU02: Roman Italy in the Republic --UO jn
      3. EU03: The Cold War --UO jn
      4. EU04: Academies in Early Modern Europe --Mü bs-r; ms
      5. EU05: Greek and Phoenician Colonization --Mü pf; mj
      6. EU06: Peasant Rebellions in Early Modern Europe --UO dl
      7. EU07: Luther and Protestant Europe --Duke hjh
      8. EU08: The Fall of the Roman Empire --UO jn
      9. EU09: Europe and Africa --UO lf andjn
      10. EU10: Sancturaries and Diplomacy in the Hellenistic World --Mü pf
      11. EU11: Theaters of War in Early Modern Europe --UO dl
      12. EU12: Middle Ages...?
      13. EU13: Dictators and Democracies in the 20th C --Mü Thammer
      14. EU14: Global Economy in the 19th C --UO jm
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  3. Contributors and Manuscripts
    1. editors
      1. University of Oregon: James Mohr and John Nicols
      2. Universität Münster: Peter Funke, Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger
    2. authors
      1. Peter Funke, Münster = pf
      2. Hans Hillerbrand, Duke = hjh
      3. David Luebke, Univ of Oregon = dml
      4. James Mohr, Univ of Oregon = jcm
      5. John Nicols , Univ of Oregon = jn
      6. Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger = bsr
    3. manuscripts and submissions
      1. how to prepare the manuscript
      2. template for manuscript.
    4. assistants
      1. Undergraduates: Leslie Gage, Amber Clasen-Copely
      2. Graduates: Jürgen Ruckablerle, David Cecil
      3. Mitarbeiter: Malte Schmidhäuser, Michael Junge
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