Maps and Modules: Status as of 28 June, 2007

First Edition (Late 1990's maps done in Shockwave)

First Edition North America Modules:

Territorial Expansion of the United States 1783-1898

Slavery Through 1860

Legal Status of Slavery Through 1860

First Edition European Modules:

Natural Resources & Trade

Ancient Near East

Classical Greece

Hellenistic World & Roman Republic

Principate & Empire

Late Antiquity & Early Midieval

Second Edition (Animation done with JavaScript between 1999-2002)

Miscellaneous Maps for Conventional Print Publication (Summer 2005)

Third Edition (2002-2007 animations done in Flash; we are currently updating some of the older modules to take advantage of the new options in the most recent versions of Flash)

European Modules:

Latin America Modules

Africa Modules

American Modules