You can find my works on the arXiv here.


  1. (with T. Braden, J. Huh, N. Proudfoot, and B. Wang) A semi-small decomposition of the Chow ring of a matroid.
    video | slides (handwritten) | pdf | arXiv

  2. (with A. Garver, S. Grosser, and A. Morales) Counting linear extensions of posets with determinants of hook lengths.
    pdf | arXiv

  3. (with J. Huh, K. Mészáros, and A. St. Dizier) Logarithmic concavity of Schur and related polynomials.
    slides | pdf | arXiv | code

  4. (with E. Bucher, C. Eppolito, and J. Jun) Matroid-minor Hopf algebra: a cancellation-free antipode formula and other applications of sign-reversing involutions.
    pdf | arXiv

  5. (with P. Achar and M. Kulkarni) Combinatorial Fourier transform for quiver representation varieties in type A.
    slides | poster | arXiv

  6. (with E. Bucher) A cancellation-free antipode formula for the restriction-contraction matroid Hopf algebra.
    pdf | arXiv
    Not intended for publication (subsumed by item 4 above).

  7. Derived Geometric Satake equivalence, Springer correspondence, and small representations.
    This is my dissertation work.
    dissertation | slides

  8. (with A. Garver, K. Igusa, and J. Ostroff) Combinatorics of exceptional sequences in type A.
    Electron. J. Combin. 2019, 1-20.
    pdf | doi | arXiv

  9. (with A. Garver) A combinatorial model for exceptional sequences in type A.
    Disc. Math. & Theor. Comp. Sci. DMTCS proc. FPSAC'15, 393-404.
    pdf | doi | arXiv
    Note: pdf and arXiv are expanded versions of the FPSAC extended abstract in doi.

  10. (with G. Muller) Computing upper cluster algebras.
    Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN 2015, 3121-3149.
    pdf | doi | arXiv | code (on SageMath)

Papers in preparation

  1. (with T. Braden, J. Huh, N. Proudfoot, and B. Wang) Singular Hodge theory for combinatorial geometries.
    video | slides 1 | slides 2 | poster

  2. (with P. Anderson and J. Tymoczko) Generalized splines on two-labeled graphs and polynomial splines on cycles.