Special Session on Wavelets, Frames, and Related Expansions

2005 Fall Western Section Meeting of AMS

University of Oregon, Eugene, November 11-13, 2005


Wavelet and frames have emerged as significant tools in mathematics and technology over the past two decades. They stand at the crossroads of harmonic analysis, operator theory, and applied mathematics.

The goal of the special session is to bring researchers in various aspects of these areas together, to foster and explore interactions between frames, wavelets, Gabor systems, harmonic analysis, operator theory, and related topics. The special session will serve as a forum to disseminate the latest results in these areas. It will also serve as a catalyst, encouraging members of our community to work on many facets of the intertwined subjects of wavelets, frames, harmonic analysis, and operator theory.


List of invited speakers:

Akram Aldroubi (Vanderbilt University)

Larry Baggett (University of Colorado)

Pete Casazza (University of Missouri-Columbia)

Brad Currey (St. Louis University)

Dorrin Dutkay (Rutgers University)

Matt Fickus (Air Force Institute of Technology)

Veronika Furst (University of Colorado)

Sinan Gunturk (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences)

Bin Han (University of Alberta)

Deguang Han (University of Central Florida)

Chris Heil (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Jeff Hogan (University of Arkansas)

Palle Jorgensen (University of Iowa)

Ilya Krishtal (Washington University-St. Louis)

Joe Lakey (New Mexico State University)

David Larson (Texas A&M University)

Richard Laugesen (University of Illinois-Urbana)

Shidong Li (San Francisco State University)

Mauro Maggioni (Yale University)

Tom McNamara (St. Louis University)

Kasso Okoudjou (Cornell University)

Gestur Olafsson (Louisiana State University)

Judy Packer (University of Colorado)

Alex Powell (Princeton University/Vanderbilt University)

Keith Taylor (Dalhousie University)

Eric Weber (Iowa State University)

Guido Weiss (Washington University-St. Louis)

Ed Wilson (Washington University-St. Louis)

Ozgur Yilmaz (University of British Columbia)


The deadline for sending abstracts is September 20, 2005. General information about submitting an abstract is here.

The program of the special session is posted here (last change September 30, 2005).

The link to the official AMS Sectional Meeting website including the complete program and information about accommodations and travel.


Marcin Bownik, University of Oregon mbownik@uoregon.edu
Darrin Speegle, Saint Louis University speegled@slu.edu

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