Associate Professor
Department of History
University of Oregon

phone:  (541) 346 5906
office hours: Thursdays 1-3 and by appointment, in McKenzie 303

Fall 2019 courses:
HIST 342: Modern Germany, 1871-Present

HIST 427/527: Ideas and Society in Modern Europe

anticipated Winter 2020 courses:
HIST 428/528: Major Issues in Twentieth-Century European History
HIST 427/527: Modern German Intellectual History, Nietzsche to Postwar

anticipated Spring 2020 course:
HIST 303: Europe in the Twentieth Century

selected publications:
Walter Benjamin and the Antinomies of Tradition (Cornell, 1993)
Max Horkheimer: New Perspectives (ed., with Seyla Benhabib and Wolfgang Bonß) (MIT, 1994)
"Georg Simmel and the Philosophy of Religion," New German Critique 94 (2005)
"Memorial: Fritz Ringer, 1934-2006," Central European History 39 (2006)
"Georg Simmel and German-Jewish Self-Fashioning," forthcoming
"Geheimnis und schriftlicher Verkehr. Georg Simmel, Sprache und Deutsch-Jüdische Selbstinszenierung" (2015)
"A Tale of Missed Opportunities," Existenz 10/2 (2015)
"Georg Simmel: Decentering the Self and Recovering Authentic Individuality,: Germanic Review (2019)

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