Rate of Movement

Processing script to visualize rate of movement from GPS tracking data

Example output graphic
Rate of movement vs. distance traveled

Automated processing to create a visualization of rate of movement, presented at the CCGISUG Symposium on May 31, 2013.

Visualization of GPS collar data with R

GPS tracking data is an increasing common technique through which to observe animal movements and analyze animal behavior. The script described in the presentation computes an overlay between timestamped GPS point data and a collection of polygons. Based on those results, it generates a graphic showing the rate of movement in each line segment that connects the points and highlights those that start or end inside the polygons.

R script and GNU license
Example data: points and polygons

Related Literature
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UO InfoGraphics Lab and Computer and Information Science, University of Oregon
Kauffman Lab, Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, University of Wyoming