Salem Witchcraft Trial Records: Testimony of Andrew Carrier

Source: Boyer and Nissenbaum, eds., The Salem Witchcraft Papers: Verbatim Transcripts of the Legal Documents of the Salem Witchcraft Outbreak of 1692, 3 vols. (New York, 1977)


Andrew Carrier brought In & his brother told him that he had acknowledged all:

Court - tell us plainly &c - Unto many questions asked he Returne these following answers[:] it Is above [above] a month agoe Since he Signed the Divels Booke - the Divel is a black Man - his Mother & brother Came w'th the Divel when he Signed – he was to Serve the Divel five Years and the Divel was to give him house and land in Andover[.] the Divel did not tell him who he was but he Set his hand to his book w'th a pen - the ink was Red but cannot tell the list - he Saw a pretty many Names in it - he put to a Seal & the Stamp was a little thing he knows not what it was in the night Time & up at Deacon frys in the Oarchard which Richard Owned The Divel told him he must Serve, him, keep his Councel & afflict persons Sometimes[.]

Memorandum this Andrew in his first Examination Stammered & Stuttered Excedinly in Speaking which Some of his Neighbours present s'd he was not want to doe but now in his confession [torn]

He further Sayes that the Divel perswaded him to hurt frys Child a little The way Thus, the man came & asked me what he Should doe for me And I S'd he Should afflict that Child, & Rich'd s'd Andrew had assisted a little in afflictting Swan[.] Andrew S'd he had not afflicted any Since the Child but Mary Warrin he Says the Divel baptized him w'th in this month at Shawshin River, the Divel put his head into the Watt'r Rich'd Saw baptized & the Div'l S'd that Andrew was his & he had Command over him w'ch Andrew Owned[.] ther were two at that Metting besides his brother baptized but he has forgot there Names - Rich'd was at the Sacrement at the Village, did Drink of the wine but not Eate of the Brcad[.] he Remembers not the words Used at the administration but Goody Nurse handed the bread about the wine & bread were both Red -- Noate that Rich'd. Conffesses nothing of the paper or writting w'ch the Divel gave his mother & as Mary Lacey S'd his Mother gave to him[.]