Michael A. Kuhn

Assistant Professor of Economics University of Oregon

Contact: mkuhn@uoregon.edu

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Current working papers, updated spring 2018

Building Rational Cooperation on Their Own: Learning to Start Small - with James Andreoni and Larry Samuelson - forthcoming, Journal of Public Economic Theory

Waiting to Choose - with Alex Imas and Vera Mironova - under review

Cyclical Food Insecurity and Electronic Benefit Transfer - under review

Field Experiments of the Development of Time Preferences - with James Andreoni, John List, Anya Samek, and Charles Sprenger - under review

Understanding Outcome Bias: Asymmetric Sophistication and Biased Beliefs - with Andy Brownback - under review

Arbitrage or Narrow Bracketing?  Experimental Tests of Money as a Primary Reward - with James Andreoni, Christina Gravert, Silvia Saccardo, and Yang Yang

Exposure to Violence Predicts Impulsivity in Time Preference: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo - with Alex Imas and Vera Mironova

On Measuring Risk Preferences - with James Andreoni

Confidence and Contrition: Is Cheating Internalized in Performance Assessments? - with Nathan Adams and Glen Waddell


About Me

I am an applied behavioral economist with an interest in applications to consumer finance, public economics and labor economics.  I use a variety of methods --laboratory experiments, field experiments and observational data analysis-- to study the importance of behavioral theory for economic policy, the determinants of preferences and preference-elicitation methodology.


  •   Econ 311
    Intermediate Microeconomics
  •   Econ 451
    Issues in Labor Economics
  •   Econ 607
    Applied Behavioral Economics