Arizona Beach State Recreation Site

Arizona Beach State Recreation Site offers paved parking and easy access  167  to a picturesque beach near milepost 313 on US 101, south of Humbug Mountain in Curry County, Oregon.  (Map)  Nearby is the quirky fun of Prehistoric Gardens.

Arizona Beach is a half-mile sandy crescent beneath looming bluffs that can provide pleasant shelter from the ocean's winds.  When I visited in June 2017, blobs of opaque white crystal that are characteristic of the southern Oregon coast glistened like snowballs in the sunshine on the warm sand.

In 2017, Arizona Beach appeared to be popular with RV campers.  In June 2020, the entire facility was closed during the coronavirus pandemic response.  The nearby Arizona Beach Lodge appears to have closed since 2017, as well.  In January 2022, the former RV area appeared disused, but in June it's still listed as a group camp on the web site, but shows as "Reserved" through the end of September - so either booked, or not available?  October shows as not available.

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Begun 2017; updated 2022.