Chief Kiawanda Rock

There is a large sea stack offshore from Cape Kiwanda, near Pacific City, Oregon.  It's big, and visible from anywhere on the beach between Cape Lookout and Cascade Head.  It's a gorgeous hunk of stone, and from certain angles nearby you can see a dramatic arch.

I've seen this sea stack referred to as Haystack Rock, and the shape is evocative, but having two Haystack Rocks in Oregon is needlessly confusing.  Except -- there are actually three Haystack Rocks on the Oregon Coast!  D'oh!  The one between Cannon Beach and Tolovana Beach is the most famous Haystack Rock, if only by dint of proximity to Portland.

I've seen the Pacific City Haystack Rock referred to as "Pacific City Haystack Rock," which is just heinous.  No, really, just don't.

On some maps, it's marked Chief Kiawanda Rock.  I like that option, because I think every place in North America should be called what the Native Americans called it, or failing that, some name that commemorates their presence here.  It also ties in with Cape Kiwanda and its park, while letting us know that Kiwanda may have been a simplified Anglicization of a person's name.

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