Meyers Beach

Where US 101 sweeps southward down the slope of Cape Sebastian and regains the level of the beach, Myers Creek flows under a highway bridge (near milepost 337).  Highway turn-out parking areas signed both Meyers Beach and Meyers Creek Beach accommodate dozens of cars, and offer a view out over a broad beach, dramatic sea stacks, and the Pacific Ocean.

Meyers Beach features three beach access points.  Meyers Beach North,  181 , is north of the highway bridge and Myers Creek, offering over a mile of dry-feet beach between Myers Creek and the Cape Sebastian cliffs to the north.  A length of the Oregon Coast Trail climbs the rocks and ascends to the viewpoint park atop the cape.

The central beach access, Meyers Beach, is assigned  182  in Oregon's system of numbered beach access points.  A short, steep gravel trail on the north side leads down to a gorgeous sandy beach south of Myers Creek.  Rock spires rise from the sand and the near-shore waters.

Meyers Beach South,  183 , is another parking turn-out with paths to the beach near impressive sea stacks.  The beach stretches about a mile south to the mouth of the Pistol River.

Meyers Beach is listed as an attraction local to Gold Beach, a 9-minute drive to the north.  Pictures at Google Image Search.

Begun 2020; updated 2023.