Ocean Beach Day Use

Ocean Beach Day Use is a tiny beach access wayside located near milepost 173 on US 101, south of Cape Perpetua in Lane County, Oregon.  The wayside offers a dozen paved parking spaces and beach access 88.  There is a pit toilet, but no cell phone service.

In September 2019, the beach was broad and flat.  At high tide, it ends just south at the feet of a rocky, dome-shaped headland, but at low tide one can see a sea cave on the western face of the dome, and perhaps walk past toward Rock Creek.  To the north, the sand extends past caves and with intrusions by rock formations, for a mile or more.  This is a lovely place to stroll beside the ocean.

The access road leaves the west side of US-101 and is paved, but steep and narrow.  It's easy to blow past here without noticing it.  It's worth the visit, but perhaps best in the off-season when traffic on US 101 is less heavy.

Ocean Beach Day Use is managed by the National Forest Service.  I can't recall there having been a station to pay a day-use fee, so perhaps there is no fee?  More at 100 Steps, BeachConnection.net, BeachConnection.net, Outdoor ProjectGoogle Image Search.

Written 2019; updated 2022.