OR 182 Otter Crest Loop

Where US 101 climbs over the top of Cape Foulweather between mileposts 129 and 132 along the Oregon coast, it bypasses a winding remnant of an older coast highway that follows the cliffs closer to the ocean.  This is OR 182 Otter Crest Loop, with attractions that most coastal travelers whiz past on the current highway 101.  From north to south, they are:

Rodea Viewpoint

Where OR 182 meets US 101 near Rocky Creek Wayside, there are some nice turn-outs with scenic cliff-top views.  This is worth a stop as you begin your exploration of the Otter Crest Loop.

Ben Jones Bridge

Just to the south of US-101 on OR 182 is the Ben Jones Bridge, a picturesque and historic concrete span over Rocky Creek's dramatic plunge toward the ocean.  Trees and shrubs cling to steep slopes, rocky cliffs endure crashing waves in the cove below.  A small parking area just south of the bridge offers views and interpretive signage.

More at Bridgehunter.com, Wikipedia, Google Image Search, and Google Maps.

Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint

Worth the stop even - or especially - when it's stormy, this cliff-top vantage point offers panoramic views to the south and westward over the ocean.  The observation building / gift shop is a warm, dry place to overlook the ocean and perhaps catch sight of migrating whales.  Knowledgeable volunteers offer information, if desired.  Pictures at Google Image Search, map at Google Maps.

Inn at Otter Crest

A picturesque motel atop cliffs above the restless Pacific Ocean, along OR 182 north of Otter Rock.

Devil's Punchbowl State Natural Area

Devil's Punchbowl State Natural Area is a park in the town of Otter Rock, in Lincoln County along the Oregon Coast.  The Devil's Punch Bowl feature is a distinctive wave-carved cove with an arch over its mouth, and churning waves beneath a large hole where a sea-cave's roof collapsed.  There are nice views of this unique feature and of the ocean beyond.  A steep path with stairs leads down the bluff to a tidepool-spangled basaltic rock shelf and a broad sandy beach stretching away to the south, past Beverly Beach State Park.  More at Wikipedia, 100 Steps, OregonHikers.org, Outdoor Project, Google Image Search, and Google Maps.

Otter Rock, Oregon

Otter Rock is a small town perched on a rocky promontory above the Pacific Ocean on the south side of Cape Foulweather on the Oregon Coast.  Otter Rock features Devil's Punchbowl State Natural Area along with another Oregon Coast landmark, a (smaller, seasonally open) location of the Mo's chowder house restaurants.  Surfing is popular here; a surf shop with a cafe next door was open on a December weekend in 2019.  More at Wikipedia, GoNorthwest.com, Google Image Search.

Otter Rock Marine Reserve

Most of us won't be visiting the Otter Rock Marine Reserve, but we can look at it from the town of Otter Rock, from Beverly Beach State Park, and from the Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint.  It consists of 1.2 square miles of ocean and sea stacks extending from Gull Rock off Otter Crest to Otter Rock off Beverly Beach.  Pictures at Google Image Search.