Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint

Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint is also called Pistol River State Park in spots on the Parks Department web site and on signs on the ground.  The map on the Web site shows it as roughly equivalent to what signs on the site call Pistol River South, but to the north on US 101 between milepost 337 and milepost 339, there are two other highway pull-off viewpoints along the lower Pistol River bearing park signage.  It appears that the three Meyers Beach turn-outs/beach access points are also managed as parts of the Pistol River SSV.

Where the Pistol River emerges from the Oregon Coast Range near the Pacific Ocean, a dune area has formed.  The river turns north-westward as it flows toward the ocean, forming a sand spit.  Its path changes over time.  The Pistol River North and Middle units are on the ocean beach foredune north of the river mouth in 2023.  The Pistol River South unit is across the highway bridge on the south shore where the sand spit joins the land.  Pistol River South is thus the stop that affords beach access  186  across the adjacent dunes and old river channel to the ocean beach south of the river mouth, and to the river's south shore, and to the sand spit.

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Begun 2020; updated 2023.