Rocky Point

From Graveyard Point in Port Orford, a gorgeous crescent beach stretches east and south for five miles to the base of Humbug Mountain.  Halfway there, the beach is transected by a rocky promontory called Rocky Point.  Near milepost 303 on US 101, highway turn-out viewpoints offer views of and from Rocky Point, sweeping from the heads at Port Orford across the sea-stack-studded water to the tree-clad slopes of Humbug Mountain to the south.

Rocky Point is also the name of a beach access point  165  just south of milepost 304 on US 101.  A gravel side spur slopes down to a small parking area with space for five or six cars.  A walking trail continues to the beach level. There is sand, there are cobbles, and there is exposed bedrock with rocky shore features.

The geology here is fascinating, with geologic strata exposed and sometimes warped into near-vertical slopes during the active history of this accreted terrane.  The wind here is relatively tame by the standards of the southern Oregon coast, sheltered a little in what amounts to a bay between the Port Orford heads and Humbug Mountain.

The Rocky Point beach access has been assigned  165  in Oregon's system of numbered beach access points.

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