Tokatee Klootchman State Natural Site

Tokatee Klootchman State Natural Site is a gravel parking lot ringed by a fance atop a bluff over the beach and the Pacific Ocean.  No rest rooms, no official beach access, no cellular service when I visited in July 2018.  It's near milepost 172 on US 101 on the Oregon Coast.

On the south side, a dodge around the fence leads to a steep dirt path that looks improvised and unofficial.  To avoid causing erosion and degrading our public lands, I usually avoid taking these kinds of trails, however inviting the destination might appear.  Here, a sprinkling of shattered car-window glass in the gravel of the parking lot reinforces that caution.

The view is good.  To the north, the beach is broad and sandy.  Below the bluff, the beach narrows, and bedrock formations rise thorugh the sand.  To the south, sand and cobble pocket beaches alternate with fingers of dark bedrock stretching into the waves.

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