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A College Student's Guide to Computers in Education

People who enjoy this book may also be interested in Moursund's free book A Faculty Member’s Guide to Computers in Higher Education.

From this Website you can download at no charge and make non-commercial use of the following book:

Moursund, D.G. (May, 2007). A College Student Guide to Computers in Education. (Self published.)

This book is mainly intended for students in colleges and universities. However, it will also be useful to high school studetns who are thinking about going to college. It is the tenth in a series of books written by Dave Moursund and made available (free) under a Creative Commons license.

PDF Format (107 pages) 6/29/07

Microsoft Word Fomat (107 pages) 6/29/07

Wiki Format (Hyper book, editable by readers) 7/8/07

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PDF File (111 pages) 5/24/07

Microsoft Word File (111 pages) 5/24/07

PDF File (110 pages) 5/21/07

Microsoft Word File (110 pages) 5/21/07

PDF file (80 pages) 5/16/07

Microsoft Word file (80 pages) 5/16/07

PDF file of the first 50 pages of draft copy.

Microsoft Word file of the first 50 pages of draft copy.


References for material that might be used in writing the book.

After the book is completed, I plan to convert it into a hyper document. Suggstions for content in the book and/or the hyper document are welcome. Send them to

Brief Summary

This short book is for undergraduate and graduate college and university students, and for others thinking about enrolling in higher education courses. It is designed to help you get an education that prepares you for life in our rapidly changing Information Age. The information and ideas presented will help you to gain a competitive advantage over your fellow students and others who lack appropriate insights into how Information and Communication Technology is changing our world.

This book is a companion to A Faculty Member’s Guide to Computers in Higher Education, which is available free on the Website The two books share many of the same ideas, but these ideas are presented from two quite different points of view.

Dave Moursund

May 2007


References of Possible Use in Future Revisions


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