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This book on grant writing and other means of obtaining resources was first published in 1996. A slightly revised edition was published in 1997. The current version has been completely revised and is being made available free on the Web.

Moursund, D.G. (2002). Obtaining resources for technology in education: A how-to guide for writing proposals, forming partnerships, and raising funds. Copyright (c) David Moursund, 2002.

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Acknowledgments from the Original Edition

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New Acknowledgments

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From the First Publisher

This book was first published in 1996 by ISTE, and a revised edition was published in 1997. Quoting from the 1997 edition:

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) promotes appropriate uses of technology to support and improve learning, teaching, and administration. As part of that mission, ISTE's goal is to provide individuals and organizations with high-quality and timely information, materials, and services that support technology in education.

Our Books and Courseware Department works with educators to develop and produce classroom-tested materials and resources that support ISTE's mission. We look for content that emphasizes the use of technology where it can make a difference--easing the teacher's job; saving time; motivating students; helping students with various learning styles, abilities, or backgrounds; and creating learning environments that are new and unique or that would be impossible without technology.

We develop products for students, classroom teachers, lab teachers, technology coordinators, and teacher educators, as well as for parents, administrators, policy makers, and visionaries. All of us face the challenge of keeping up with new technologies and the research about their educational applications while we are learning about and implementing appropriate applications in our teaching/learning situations. Please help us in our efforts to help you by providing feedback about this book and other ISTE products and by giving us your suggestions for further development.

Jean Hall, Director, Books and Courseware Department

Phone: 541-302-3775; Internet: halljea@oregon.uoregon.edu

Anita Best, Editor

Phone: 541-346-2400; Internet: Anita_Best@ccmail.uoregon.edu

International Society for Technology in Education

Books and Courseware Department

480 Charnelton Street

Eugene, OR 97401-2626

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Acknowledgments from the Original Edition

I want to express special thanks to Ed Kameenui and George Sugai, two of my colleagues in the College of Education, University of Oregon. Many of the ideas presented in this book first became clear to me when I attended their course on grant writing.

Thanks to Michael Benz and the students in his grant-writing class for field testing a draft of the manuscript and providing valuable feedback.

Thanks to Linda Lewis for help in finding a number of valuable electronic sources of grant information.

Thanks to Herb Price, who taught me about fund-raising. His expertise has helped a number of worthy organizations to raise needed funds.

Thanks to Ira Don Self for surfing the Internet and providing me with many useful sources of information.

Thanks to the large number of workshop participants who have used earlier versions of this book. Their input has lead to many changes that help to clarify important points.

During the past 30 years, I have had the opportunity to read and evaluate literally thousands of proposals. I want to express appreciation to the many different people and funding agencies that have provided me with these valuable learning experiences.

I also want to express appreciation to the various funding agencies that have funded some of my proposals and rejected others. Both have provided valuable learning experiences.

David Moursund 1997


From the Current Publisher

This 2002 edition represents a complete revision of the previous edition. It was interesting to see which aspects of the book had stood the test of time" and which were quite out of date. The description of the web as well as the web references were out of date. All such material has been updated. A large number of new Web-based references have been added to the Annotated Bibliography.

The "guts" of the book have weathered well since their first publication in 1996 and 1997. The basic ideas of grant writing and fund raising have not changed much during this period of time. That is encouraging news for people who want to learn to write grants. What they learn now will likely continue to be useful relatively far into the future.

I Retired from the International Society for Technology in Education in 2001 and from the University of Oregon in 2002. One of my retirement goals is to revise a number of my previously published books and to make them available free on the Web. I am pleased to have this opportunity to make such a contribution.

New Acknowledgments

I would like to thank ISTE for returning this book's copyright to me when I left ISTE at the end of March, 2001.

Thanks to the developers of the Web for providing me a means to publish my work.

Thanks to the University of Oregon for providing me with multiple Websites for the publication of my work.

David Moursund 2002

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