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Introduction to the Book

Chapter 1: Introduction to Problem Solving

Chapter 2: Overview of Resources in Problem Solving

Chapter 3: Intelligence as Resource

Chapter 4: Tools as Resource

Chapter 5: Accumulated Knowledge as Resource

Chapter 6: Education and Training as Resource

Chapter 7: A Computer System

Chapter 8: Personal Productivity Tools

Chapter 9: Computer Programming

Chapter 10: Final Remarks

References and Resources


Index to Some of Dave Moursund's Websites

A Chapter-Length Document on Problem Solving

Moursund: Brief Introduction to Problem Solving

From the Publisher

This is a revised and updated edition of my 1996 book published by the International society for Technology in Education.

Dr. Dave Moursund

Moursund, D.G. (2002). Increasing your expertise as a problem solver: Some roles of computers. Author. (C) David Moursund 2002.

From the Publisher



From the Publisher

This 2002 edition represents a complete revision of the previous 1996 edition. It was interesting to see which aspects of the book had stood the test of time" and which were quite out of date. The general capabilities of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems have increased substantially since the original book was published. However, the general ideas on problem solving contained in the book have stood the test of time.

A large number of new Web-based references have been added to the Annotated Bibliography.

I Retired from the International Society for Technology in Education in 2001 and from the University of Oregon in 2002. One of my retirement goals is to revise a number of my previously-published books and to make them available free on the Web. I am pleased to have this opportunity to make such a contribution.


I would like to thank ISTE for returning this book's copyright to me when I left ISTE at the end of March, 2001.

Thanks to the developers of the Web for providing me a means to publish my work.

Thanks to the University of Oregon for providing me with multiple Websites for the publication of my work.

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