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This is the first term of a fall quarter and spring quarter 2-term sequence. In this 2-term sequence students will gain a broad understanding of information technology in instruction and how information technology is changing and will change the world's education systems. They will learn to plan for change and to be change agents. They will learn to be leaders in IT in education. The course is balanced between theory and practice. It is primarily intended for students in the Integrated Licensure teacher education program, although others can be admitted with the permission of the instructor.


Dave Moursund

The instructor for the course is Dr. Dave Moursund, a professor in the College of Education at the University of Oregon. Dr. Moursund is the founder of the International Society for Technology in Education. In 1971, he and Dr. Keith Acheson established the doctoral program in Computers in Education at the University of Oregon. Dr. Moursund's professional Web site is at Dave Moursund's IT in Education Main Page. A resume is available on that Web site.

Office hours: Tuesday and Thrusday 1:00-3); in Room 141, College of Education. Phone (541) 346-3564. Email: moursund@oregon.uoregon.edu.


Rules, Regulations, and Policies

This course follows the rules, regulations, and policies of the University of Oregon as well as specific rules, regulations, and policies established by the course instructor. Please read and follow Dave Moursund's Course Rules, Regulations, and Policies.



This web site and the material that it contains should be viewed as a work in progress. This is a relatively complex document and it undoubtedly contains errors. Significant changes are apt to occur as the course progresses. When these changes affect specific reading assignments, written and other assignments, and/or assessment, announcements will be made in class and also in the Updates and Announcements section of this Web site.

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