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Brief Summary of Contents of Week # 4

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Northwest Council for Computer Education. The conference is being held in Portland, Oregon this year. In lieu of a class meeting, the expectation is that class members will attend the conference.

Some Specific Objectives and Topics for Week # 2


  1. Experience firsthand what goes on in a well run, large ICT in education conference designed for K-12 educators and teachers of teachers.


  1. NCCE is an Organization Affiliate of the International Society for Technology in Education. ISTE has a number of such Organization Affiliates.
  2. Regional Affiliates such as NCCE are mainly run by volunteers. Such volunteer work is a good way to develop a professional career that is on a regional, state, and national level.
  3. Attending conferences such as the NCCE conference and the ISTE conference is a good way to improve one's professional knowledge of ICT and to meet people with similar interests and goals.
  4. The Home Page for the Northwest Council for Computer Education is at http://www.ncce.org/.
  5. The registration Website for the conference is at http://www.ncce.org/ncce2003/index.html. There is a special $50 registration fee for students.
  6. The Oregon Council for Computer Education was created in 1971 by a group of about 45 people who meet at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. (Dave Moursund was one of the people who participated in this "founding" process. ) Over time the organization expanded to cover the Northwest and changed its name to NCCE.

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