REL 101 Exam Topics B

If you will not be here on the exam date to take the exam, you must make prior arrangements at least one week before. You must receive prior permission for absence as well as to take the exam separately. Only exceptional cases will be allowed.

The exam will be multiple choice, and as covered in the syllabus, will count 10% of your grade. There is only one right answer perquestion. If there appears to be more than one right answer, pick the best answer.

If you have any questions about the exam or the topics included in the exam, please ask me. You can come in during office hours, make anappointment or send me email. I will not be overly picky about dates and names. However, you should know major figures and thinkers covered in the course so far and the major ideas associated with them:

Ancient Chinese Mythology and Confucius

Confucius' orchestral vision of society - at least 5 aspects of this metaphor

Laozi (Lao Tzu)


Bodhidharma and the founding of Chan/Zen Buddhism

The Origins of Japanese Religion

The Myth-Histories of the Kojiki (Chronicle of Ancient Affairs) and Nihon Shoki (First Chronicle of Japan)

Zen Master Dogen