REL 303 Lecture Notes


Week I

1. Japan: Pre-history and Early History

2. Formation of Japan as a Nation; Introduction of Buddhism

3. Establishment of State Religion

Week II

1. Premodern Shamanesses

2. Modern Shamanesses

Week III

1. Inari Deity

Week IV

1. Background of Indian Buddhism -> Chan -> Zen

2. Key Terms from Dogen

3. Notes on the "Genjokoan Chapter" from Dogen's Shobogenzo (Treasury of the True Eye of the Dharma).

Week V

1. Honen, Shinran, and Pure Land Buddhism

2. Shin Buddhism and Two-fold Truth; Shinran vs Dogen

Week VI

Film Notes: Paprika

Myoe Koben (1173-1232), contemporary of Shinran and Dogen

Sen no Rikyu and Chado, the Way of Tea

Rikyu's Ritual Suicide, Zen Flower Arrangement, and Karma