Exam Topics A - REL 353 Dark Self

The exam will be in two parts. Part I will be on matters related to Writing Papers. Part II will be on topics covered thus far in the readings and lectures. The exam will be available on Canvas and needs to be completed by 12 noon on Wednesday, Feb 2. You must receive prior permission to take the exam on a later date. Only exceptional cases will be allowed.

The exam will be multiple choice, and as covered in the syllabus, will count 10% of your grade. There is only one right answer per question. If there appears to be more than one right answer, pick the best answer. Some questions may have two equally good answers, such as "A) and B)," or "B) and C)." In such cases, you will be offered additional choices, such as "D) Both A) and B)" or "E) Both B) and C." In any case, you will only select one right answer, in this example, A), B), C), D), or E).

The exam will be multiple choice, and the first half of the first exam will be on the material covered in the web pages linked below on Writing Papers.

If you have any questions about the exam or the topics included in the exam, please ask. You can come in during office hours, make an appointment or inquire by email.

Part I: Writing Papers

Read the following essays and guidelines that are posted on the Writing Papers links on my web pages:

I. Four Keys to Writing in the Humanities

II. Four Stages of Writing

III. Paper Writing Guidelines

IV. Writing: The Bridge between Consciousness and Unconsciousness

V. Sentence Structure and Punctuation: Clauses and Commas

Part II: Readings and Lectures

Soren Kierkegaard

Bhagavad Gita

C. G. Jung, according to Robert Aziz

Viktor Frankl

Cheryl Strayed, Wild