Ann Ulanov, Creativity and Madness

Ann Ulanov is a Jungian psychotherapist in the school of Analytical Psychology (Freud: Psychanalysis; Jung: Analytical Psychology)

Chapter 1: Personal Madness
Guiding Question: What is the relation between reason, emotion, and the body in the experience of personal madness?

Chapter 2: Collective Madness

Guiding Question: What is the relation between personal madness and collective madness? Must the experience of personal madness always be seen in light of collective madness? What is the significance of time in relation to the process of recognizing and becoming aware of how collective madness relates to one's own situation? Is it a linear process? Is it a "time" that can be defined within a rational framework?

Chapter 3: Compelling Complex

Guiding Question: How can the experience of losing one's mind be positive, creative? How is this related to social, collective madness, and how does the creative transformation of consciousness and psyche occur?

Chapter 4: Creative Return

Guiding Question: Find an example of this process in Chapter 4. How might this be related to what we have seen of Buddhist practice?