Exam Topics B - REL 407 Narrative Selves

The exam will be the readings and lectures. If you will not be here on Tuesday, February 25 to take the exam, you must make prior arrangements by Tuesday, February 18. You must receive prior permission for absence as well as to take the exam separately. Only exceptional cases will be allowed.

The exam will be multiple choice, and as covered in the syllabus, will count 10% of your grade. There is only one right answer per question. If there appears to be more than one right answer, pick the best answer.

If you have any questions about the exam or the topics included in the exam, please ask. You can come in during office hours, make an appointment or inquire by email.

Week 4: Memories of the Self: Christian and Freudian

Week 5: Zhuangzi's Daoism: Narrative, Perpectivalism, and the Dao.

Week 6: Shin Tradition of Pure Land Buddhism: Narrative Oceans of Karma and Light.

Week 7: Spiritual Autobiography: Jewish, Christian, Jungian, and Beyond