PAPER TOPIC I: REL 407/507 The Bull in the China Shop, Winter 2010

Due Thursday, Jan 12 in class.

* One page.
* Be sure to write your name, the name of the class, and the title of your topic at the top of the page.
* I also strongly encourage you to read the essays on my Writing web pages, especially "Four Keys to Writing in the Humanities," "Paper Writing Guidelines," "Checklist for Papers," "Writing: The Bridge between Consciousness and Unconsciousness," and "Clauses and Commas."


Describe one person, event, or idea that has influenced your views on eating meat and relate this to one of the readings for Week 2. You might describe teacher, current event, or an idea from a book that you read, or you might describe a personal experience. That is, you can describe something that is purely objective or academic, or you can describe something personal and experiential. In either case, relate the person, event, or idea to one of the readings for the second week.