Shinran (1173-1262) and Shin Buddhism: Biography and Texts

1. 1181-1201: Mount Hiei, headquarters of the dominant Tendai School

2. 1201-1207: Period of study under Hōnen

3. 1207-1211: Official Exile in Echigo, Echizen

4. 1211-1234: Life among peasants in the Kantō Region (Tokyo)

5. 1234-1262: Return to Kyoto: Brother’s House; Period of literary activity

Shinran’s works:

Philosophical Treatises, Hymns, Letters, Recorded Sayings

Most were completed or written between the ages of 74 and 90.

Genres of Shinran’s Writings PDF

Two of the main works:

Philosophical Treatise: Kyōgyōshinshō (Teaching, Practice, True Entrusting, Realization)

Recorded Sayings: Tannishō (Lamenting Deviation), compiled by Yui-en