CRM course on Crossed Product C*-Algebras and Minimal Dynamics

This is the home page for my short course on Crossed Product C*-Algebras and Minimal Dynamics.

Changes since 4 February 2017: Additions to discussions of other directions: von Neumann algebra crossed products, crossed products by actions of quantum groups, and (in the section on C*-algebras of discrete groups) exotic group C*-algebras.

Changes since 3 February 2017: Lemma 17.18 and Theorem 17.19 and their proofs cleaned up. Spell checked. (The last set of changes has not been properly proofread.)

Changes since 25 January 2017: Now essentially done. I still want to add a few comments on other directions, run a spell checker, and do related things.

Changes since 26 November 2016: The version for publication in the Barcelona volume is nearly complete, although there are several small gaps and a substantial amount of proofreading and related work to be done. The material on groupoids (which was very rough) has been deleted; it might return in a future expanded version. Part 4, on large subalgebras, has been added; it is taken from the notes from my Wyoming lectures. Some work remains to be done to integrate it properly into the rest of the notes.

Changes since 21 October 2016: Now Sections 2--16 (2--17 in the previous version) are almost entirely corrected, and the corrections have been proofread through the end of Section 14. Everything after Section 17 is still very scratchy, and some of this material will not make it into the final version.

Changes since 13 October 2016: Now Sections 2--14 and a bit into Section 15 are corrected (but the corrections not yet proofread).

The main changes since 8 October 2016 are that most of the gaps in Sections 2--6 have been filled in, and a number of misprints corrected.

The main changes since 18 February 2014 are as follows. There have been about 10 pages of additions in what is now Part 1, and Part 2 (previously very scratchy) is now close to done.

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Last significant change: 29 June 2009.