Math 618 (Phillips)

This is the home page for N. C. Phillips' Math 618 at the University of Oregon, spring quarter 2020.

Course information:

Course files. See the comments on the different formats for more information on the formats of files posted below. One warning is important enough to give here: In the spring quarter 1998, somebody printed some of my pdf files somewhere on campus and found that certain mathematical symbols (such as minus signs in exponents) did not print, damaging the meanings.

Material on TeX coding; on readable mathematics. Both are plain text files, written to be sent in email and intended to be displayed using a fixed width font. I am happy to take comments and suggestions for either of them. In particular, what I say about TeX has been picked up from miscellaneous souces over many years, and does not come from any systematic study. For readable mathematics, as the file suggests, start with "Some Hints on Mathematical Style", by David Goss and "Some Remarks on Writing Mathematical Proofs" by John M. Lee. I have only a little to add to this--for now, just a few topics.

Material related to exams.

Files from remote lectures.

Homework. Problems are worth 10 points each, unless otherwise specified.

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