Crossed products of C*-algebras and Banach algebras

This is the home page for N. C. Phillips' course "Crossed products of C*-algebras and Banach algebras" at the University of Toronto, winter semester 2014 (6 January--4 March 2014).

This course will be on crossed products of C*-algebras and Banach algebras. It is intended to be accessible to students with an introductory course in C*-algebras. It is also intended to be accessible to those with some knowledge of Banach algebras but who are not familiar with C*-algebras, provided they are willing to take on faith some of the basics of C*-algebras. Banach algebras crossed products have so far been very little studied, partly because people did not realize they are mathematically interesting. We will take the theory of C*-algebra crossed products as a main source of ideas for what one might do for Banach algebra crossed products, although this is certainly not the only possible source.

Videos of most of the lectures are archived at the Fields Institute video archive for this course. (As of this writing, the lectures are posted through the one of 29 January. The lecture of 22 January was not recorded because of technical problems.)

Lectures can be watched live here. It is possible, with some preparation, to arrange to be able to ask questions live during the lecture. The page has a list of upcoming live events; unfortunately, the course is not listed on it.

Here are some references.

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