Recent Announcements from the Operator Algebraist Directory

This page contains a list of some of the announcements recently carried in updates to the Operator algebraist email directory (maintained by N. Christopher Phillips). The text files of some of the announcements are stored, arranged by the categories conferences, job ads, miscellaneous announcements, and announcements related to the list, essentially as they were distributed. In addition, the list below contains links to further information for some of the announcements, and also links to announcements that have never been distributed with an update to the directory.

Conferences (in order of conference date)

Several of the links are permanent links to the websites of ongoing conference series. See the conference section near the bottom of the Operator Algebra Resources page for a more complete list of websites associated with ongoing conference series.

Job ads (in reverse of order received)

Miscellaneous announcements (in reverse of order received)

Announcements related to the list

This page maintained by N. Christopher Phillips, email.

Last significant change: 21 Jan. 1999. (Addition and deletion of individual announcements is not considered "significant".)