on idle
	(* Add any idle time processing here. *)
end idle
on doScript()
	set wrappedCommand to ("xemacs" as string)

	set scriptLocation to ("Contents:Resources:Scripts:launcher.sh " as string)
	set scptdPath to path to me as string
	set executionPath to scptdPath & scriptLocation
	set theShellScript to (POSIX path of executionPath as string)

	set command to theShellScript & wrappedCommand
	return command
end doScript

on run {}

	set command to doScript()

		do shell script command
	end try
end run

on open names
	(* Add your script to process the names here. *)
	set argList to " "

	repeat with curPath in names
		set posixPath to quoted form of (POSIX path of curPath as string)

		set argList to argList & posixPath & " &"
	end repeat

	set command to doScript() & argList

		do shell script command
	end try
end open