Physics and Performance

Photo by Dean Baird

Stanley Micklavzina, Dept. of Physics, University of Oregon, Eugene Oregon,. USA

Wendy Sadler, Science Made Simple, Cardiff Wales, United Kingdom.

A workshop held at the 2008 Summer American Association of Physics Teacher meeting in Edmonton Canada, promoted the idea of incorporating the demonstration of physics principles into various styles of theater performance. The output of the workshop was performed on stage at the meeting to display the idea to other meeting participants.

You can view the resulting show by going to one of the links below. We hope the idea displayed in this show promotes ever more creative ways on displaying the beauty of science to the general public. The show had only 4 hours of time for set-up and rehearsal, but still managaed to get the point across.

There were two performances and the video below has edits from the two shows.

Many thanks to all performers and volunteers from the Physics Instructional Resource Association whose time commitment and technical stage help made the show a wonderful success.

Click here for more background information about the show.

Physics and Performance: The Show Larger File (180mb Quicktime)

Physics and Performance: The Show Small File (50mb Quicktime)

Photo by Keith Warren